Olive Tree Small Wavy Spoon GO-0226


Olive wood, handmade, small wavy spoon

Dimensions: 24x3.5 cm


Gulen Odun, which started operating in 2014, does not harm any living tree...
The products are produced from the branches obtained during the rejuvenation pruning and to be burned as wood and the trees that have broken their ties with life.

The principle of transforming the trees that are cut and perhaps to be burned into smiling products used in the home and outdoors; not to harm living and healthy trees, not to disturb the ecological balance.

The olive tree, which has no timber, is processed in the Gulen Odun workshop from the pruning stage in the fields until it becomes a usable product for you...

It is dried in a completely natural environment and no chemical treatment is applied...

All of the products are handmade and most of them are unique...

The products are the same on the basis of size, and may show shape differences due to color/vein differences and handwork.

Please contact Gulen Odun about the products you want to order wholesale. go@gulenodun.com


Data sheet

24x3.5 cm
Place of use
Kitchen - Presentation - Table - Service
Product delivery
Only in Turkey, ships within 5 business days
Package Included
1 Piece Spoon

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